Aconcagua "The Stone Sentinel"

22,841 ft.


Argentina, South America

Aconcagua ranks as the highest mountain in South America.  It is located in the Andes Mountains of Argentina, with the Pacific Ocean just 90 miles to its west.  It is the highest mountain outside of Asia, and is the highest point in the Western Hemisphere.  Its altitude is so great, its cold so bitter and its storms so frequent and savage, that the ascent can rank among the most grueling of climbs.

Aconcagua journal entry: 
Dec. 16, 1999

“The mountains that surround me are overwhelming, but I feel at peace.  When I was told of my MS less than a year ago, I was afraid and lost.  Now I know that I am blessed and full of hope.  I have been given a chance to experience life from a new, clearer perspective.  I feel that I can see the beauty of the earth for the first time.  I feel truly alive.  I am ready to live again.”