About Lori Schneider

About Lori Schneider

Lori Schneider is an international speaker, accomplished author, teacher of 20 years, Everest and ĎSeven Summitsí mountaineer, adventurer, and advocate for those living with neurological disorders and disabilities. Her story has been translated into more than 20 languages, giving hope and inspiration to people around the globe.

Lori Schneider and her organization, Empowerment Through Adventure, inspire others to take their own leap of faith, scaling lifeís mountains and obstacles, and climbing beyond their own preconceived limitations.

Lori Schneider became the first person with multiple sclerosis to summit
Mt. Everest, on May 23, 2009. Lori is also the first with MS to complete the Seven Summits, scaling Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Elbrus, Mt. McKinley (Denali), Aconcagua, Vinson Massif, Mt. Kosciuszko, and Mt. Everest.

Lori developed a bad case of wanderlust when she was 15 years old. She traveled to the corners of the earth in search of unique cultures, people, and challenging experiences. Lori graduated from an all-womenís college in 1978 and began a twenty-year teaching career, working with special education children, as well as kindergarten and first grade students. In 1999, at the age of forty-three, Lori developed something else. She awoke one morning with numbness in 50% of her body. Within two months, it had spread throughout her entire body. The doctors uttered two little letters from an alphabet she had recited so many times - MS. When the crippling shock of the multiple sclerosis diagnosis wore off, Lori decided to accelerate her love of travel and mountains, and set out to climb the highest peak on each continent. With the highest peaks in Africa, Europe, South America, North America, Australia, Antarctica, and Asia under her belt, Lori became the first person in the world with MS to conquer the Seven Summits. Loriís message to adults and children alike, reminds us that if we believe, we can achieve.

Schneider is the author of several books, including More than a Mountain-Our Leap of Faith. In 2011, Schneider led a group of uniquely abled climbers to the top of Africa, on a trip that would challenge the body, mind, and spirit. The Leap of Faith Mount Kilimanjaro expedition paired 14 climbers who had either MS or Parkinsonís disease with 14 companion climbers. As with other expeditions, the summit loomed large in the hopes and dreams of the climbers. In the end, 21 of the 28 Leap of Faith team members would indeed make it to the top. But for all the men and woman on this trip, the climb had a higher purpose: to carry the light of hope and a message of strength to the highest reaches of both our planet and the human spirit. These are their storiesóstories of fear and pain, of the courage to dig deep into that well of strength that lies within us all, and the willingness to try and try again, even in the face of insurmountable odds. Here are stories of shared joy and faith, stories of people who are more than climbers, on a climb of a peak that was More than a Mountain, on an expedition that was more than a climbing journey. Here are the stories of a Leap of Faith.
To read an excerpt from More than a Mountain visit the book page.

Schneider, a certified teacher of 20 years, taught special needs children and adults, as well as elementary and middle school children. Today, she expands her teaching audience, educating adults and young adults alike. Lori Schneider gives commencement speeches, presents at university level leadership conferences, entertains audiences at educational fundraising events, and provides learning objectives for continuing education credits at conferences and conventions.

Schneider is a professional inspirational and motivational speaker, delivering presentations throughout the United States and internationally, in countries including Denmark, France, Germany, Spain, Holland, Switzerland, Belgium, Norway, and England. Her speeches and interviews have been translated into dozens of languages and printed in national and international publications, including Readerís Digest, Womenís Adventure, Guidepost, USA Today, TEDx, and newspapers and magazines throughout the world. Loriís interview with the BBC in London after her successful return from the summit of Mt. Everest was broadcast in countries around the globe.

Schneider is a global advocate for all those living with neurological disorders and disabilities. She works with organizations including the World Health Organization, National MS Society, World MS Day organization, Multiple Sclerosis International Federation, MS Societies around the world, and Parkinsonís organizations, to raise awareness and be a voice for those who cannot. Lori was part of a global health panel in Geneva, Switzerland, at the World Health Organization, focusing on strengthening self-care initiatives around the world.

ďMy goal is to empower others to move beyond their limitations and live their dreams.Ē ~Lori Schneider

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